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7 Points to Consider While Choosing the Best Cloud Service Provider for your Business

With multiple public cloud services providers competing in the space, choosing the best cloud service provider for your business is indeed a tough call.

Before moving on to the criteria on the basis of which the CSPs should be chosen, let us look at the key cloud service providers, in today’s market: they are Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services (AWS), and Google Cloud Platform (GCP). Although there are many other players in the market, as well, but these three are currently ruling the CSP market.

Choosing the best cloud service provider for your business


Cost plays an important role when deciding migration as this is more of a revenue expenditure than a capital one.  There is no fixed method of comparing prices of different cloud service providers but, the total costing based on the usage can be compared. MS Azure, AWS, and GCP, provide their costing structure based on usage. So, once you get an idea of your usage pattern, then it will easier for you to work out the approximate amount for each CSP you are evaluating.


While selecting a CSP, the architecture should be known. The incorporation of the architecture into the system is important. Each organization has a certain architecture that it works on. When they migrate from in-house data-centres to a public cloud system, it is important to match the architecture as closely possible to ensure the data is not disturbed and the systems keep working smoothly post migration. This is one of the reasons which is fuelling the rapid growth of MS Azure in the cloud computing scenario. As most business are used to using MS applications throughout their organizations and process levels, it makes sense to them to migrate to MS Azure and make it a through-and-through Microsoft-supported technology system.

Best cloud Service Providers in India - G7 CR Technologies


Securing the applications and data hosted on the public cloud network is important. Take a detailed note of the security features of the cloud service provider. Be sure Make sure there is a back-up to protect the data should there be any emergency.

Security being the top concern,  it is critical to evaluate the security features of the CSP.


Try to choose a CSP who meets both the industry compliance standards and the compliance standards of your business, as well. Check for compliance standards such as the PCI, SOC2, HIPAA, DSS or whichever other compliance standard is followed by your organization, to meet the regulation standards of the industry you are operating in. Make it a point to understand the compliance standards that are required when the applications and data are hosted on a public cloud.

Best cloud Service Providers in India - G7 CR Technologies


This parameter needs to be evaluated carefully. The support provided by your Cloud Service Provider is important. Some premium CSP partners like Azure partners ensure premier cloud service and support to all clients. Having premier support access always helps as it ensures quick troubleshooting and also 360 degree support access through calls, emails, and chat support.


Determining what the CSP expects to manage and what will be the level of the manageability from their end is important. Different providers support different tools to work with different other services. It is important to state your requirement to the tee and also have the Cloud Service Provider assess if they can extend the kind of support you are looking for.

Service Levels

This factor is critical when the business have strict requirements like response, availability-time, support services, capacity and scalability. Ensure going through and signing a Service Level Agreement(SLA) with your cloud service provider to ensure timely and professional assistance from them, as and when needed.

Now that you have a quick checklist of the points to consider while choosing a CSP for your business, you are good to go. If you are wondering where to start looking for the best cloud service provider for your business, we would like to invite you visit our website and learn more about our cloud computing services.

We are an ISO 9001:2015 company and are official Microsoft Azure and Azure Stack Partners in India. Focussed towards providing end-to-end cloud and technology services to startups and SMEs, alike, we hope to empower small businesses in India and abroad, to achieve technological prowess.


Microsoft Azure-cloud computing

Microsoft Azure is Growing Twice as Fast as AWS

Amazon Web Services (AWS) is leading the cloud infrastructure market, but Microsoft’s Azure is growing twice as fast. The longtime users of Microsoft’s desktop software and Windows OS are continuing with the company they have known for decades, hence Azure.

Amazon pioneered the cloud system in 2006, enabling the developers to build web pages, applications and run the workloads by renting the storage capacity instead of buying hardware of their own. In the past few decades, to fulfill the requirements of large companies, AWS has developed a global sales force and improvised the service agreements.

In third quarter, AWS grew 42 percent. According to Brian Olsavsky, CFO, Amazon, the growth in the usage is more than the growth in the revenue, and the company is pleased to have the new users.

MS Azure had an increase of 90 percent in its revenue and exceeded the growth of AWS for minimum eight quarters.

The added features, lower price, and expanded data center around the world have helped Microsoft Azure in bagging high-profile clients.

Sapient Consulting, part of the advertising giant Publicis, Bentley Systems, a software developing company and Parexel, a biopharmaceutical service provider, all preferred Azure to AWS.

Even though Publicis Groupe clarified that the company hasn’t chosen any particular cloud provider, but, around two and a half years back, Arun Karur, Vice President, Sapient Consulting, said that the executives chose to use Microsoft Azure and had plans to move their legacy solutions on AWS to Azure.

Like any other big company, Publicis too has its data centers and they are moving only a part of their workloads to cloud. And according to Karur, Microsoft can back both. Karur also said that since Publicis’ Sapient works with energy and financial services companies. If the cloud provider were Google or Amazon, a bank might worry about how their customer data will be used. However, when it comes to Microsoft, security concerns are not as much, since organizations are used to working on Microsoft-based platforms.

Cloud storage Microsoft Azure

Earlier in 2017, FleetBoard, a subsidiary of Daimler AG, specialized in making telematics devices for commercial vehicles, announced that they will be using Azure. Before opting for Microsoft Azure, FleetBoard tried AWS and other service providers too, added Jens Kamlowski, lead architect, Nxtload, the first product of FleetBoard to operate on Azure.

Kamlowski also said that the decision of moving to Azure was quick and decisive. Since, FleetBoard had a long association with Microsoft, they trusted the data scalability and security provided by Microsoft.

Rob Whitesell, Chief Platform Officer of Bentley systems, told that Bentley systems being a producer of software for engineers and architects, they have always seen Microsoft as their partner since decades. Earlier the company was using AWS, but now that Microsoft is clear about its commitments toward cloud, Bentley have opted Azure as their primary cloud provider.

According to Rob Whitesell, the developers of Bentley were familiar with Microsoft. The simplicity involved in developing and running applications in different machines simultaneously have made Azure their favorite.


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